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Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Client – Sony Pictures


For the theatrical release of GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE, we wanted to leverage influencers that could engage both newcomers to the franchise and legacy fans. We also wanted to introduce audiences to the “Death Chill”, the frightening paranormal weather system set to engulf New York City.


In order to showcase the concept of a Frozen Empire and the effect of the “Death Chill”, we worked with Sony Pictures on an idea to drive impact and talkability. The strategy was to send key creators a frozen invite to the Sydney premiere. Literally, an invitation frozen in a block of ice for influencers to unveil. The invitation was stored in a custom made and branded GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE carry case, designed to aid maximum consumer recall when shared on social media.


Supplementing this activity, was a premiere recruitment drive around the country, inviting over 60 on-brand influencers to attend and post from the state premieres of GHOSTBUSTERS: FROZEN EMPIRE.

q47xaesalx1c1 copy.jpg
q47xaesalx1c1 copy.jpg



Across a total of 31 streams, the campaign for FINAL FANTASY XIV generated the following:


  • Over 250,000 social media interactions generated from the frozen premiere invitations to the Sydney premiere


  • Key partners for the frozen mailer activation included Cam Merchant, Maddy Spencer, Onye Agbarakwe, Aaron Casa and Ash Magic all who showcased fun and inventive ways of trying to melt their ice block

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