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Dune: Part Two

Client – Warner Bros  


Our objective for the theatrical release of DUNE: PART TWO was to leverage on-brand influencers to generate mass awareness on social media and position the movie as a must-watch cinemagoing experience.


Our campaign looked to engage fans of the first film as well as the Dune-verse as a whole. In addition, we wanted to attract a new audience who would be incentivised by the stellar cast, reaction to the first film and epic scale of Dune. We leveraged influencers from a multitude of relevant genres from sci-fi to sport, lifestyle to entertainment and pop culture to gaming. Our activity looked to partner with creators either through paid content opportunities or event experiences such as DUNE 2 Premieres happening throughout the country. 




Across 92 influencers, our digital campaign for DUNE: PART TWO generated over 1,100,000 social media interactions via paid and organic content across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok


  • A total of 92 creators across a multitude of genres participated in the DUNE: PART TWO campaign, resulting in over 1 million social media interactions

  • Creative content resulted in over 300,000 social media interactions and social media coverage from influencers attending DUNE 2 events resulted in over 600,000 social media interactions.

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