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Client – Warner Bros  


Our brief for the release of CHALLENGERS was to support the Australian Premiere and publicity campaign led by Zendaya’s arrival in Sydney. In addition, a secondary phase of the campaign required us to leverage influencers to attend the state premieres around the country.


The prestigious nature of the Australian premiere at Sydney’s State Theatre combined with the star power of Zendaya, meant we needed to profile and recruit the very best talent to attend the event from the genres of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sport and entertainment. Attending creators were selected based on their ability to engage a large audience that sat within the film’s target demographic (15-35 yo male / female) and generate genuine influence in their particular genre.




Across 60 influencers, our digital campaign for CHALLENGERS utilised the star power of Zendaya to generate over 6,000,000 social media interactions across Instagram and TikTok


  • A huge 6 million social media interactions generated from the campaign causing a huge splash on social media from the Australian Premiere.

  • Key attendees from the fashion, beauty, sport and lifestyle genres included Ella Cervetto, Casee Brim, Sopha Dophaa, Kat Clark, Sam Fricker, Brittany O’Brien, Lola Rose Thompson, Criss Cortezz, Belle Bower and Violet Grace Atkinson

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