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Freaky-2020-Blumhouse-Movie-Poster (1).j


Client – Universal Pictures


To amplify social media awareness for the release of the horror comedy FREAKY, we leveraged the support of some of Australia’s leading TikTok influencers as part of a global initiative that saw themed weekly challenges in the month leading up to release.


After a comprehensive recruiting phase, influencers were selected based on their ability to effectively engage with an Australian audience as well as being within the film’s key audience demographic. (I couldn’t find this in the brief)

Freaky-2020-Blumhouse-Movie-Poster (1).j
Freaky-2020-Blumhouse-Movie-Poster (1).j



489k Interactions (likes, comments, views)

250k Australian views


1,200,000 Total AUS reach

Across four weeks of dedicated TikTok challenges, the digital campaign for FREAKY generated 489,000 direct social media interactions (views, likes comments) across 10 of Australia’s biggest Tiktok influencers.

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