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Final Fantasy XIV: Online

Client – Square Enix


Our brief for the hugely popular MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV, was to promote ANZ awareness of the game, the newly established Oceania Data Centre and the free trial up to Level 60. Over a period of two months, we engaged some of Australia’s top gaming talent to stream the game and showcase the fantastical world of Eorzea to their audiences.


After a comprehensive recruitment process, a number of heavyweight gaming personalities such as Stephanie Bendixsen, Aussie Antics and Luminum were briefed to engage audiences on the key selling points of FINAL FANTASY XIV in a fun and compelling way; including character creation, navigating the UI, Main Quest Scenario and Guild Quests. Each campaign partner was then briefed to tailor their content based on their particular area of interest within the game and what would resonate best with their fanbase.

Final Fantasy 1.jpeg
Final Fantasy 1.jpeg



Across a total of 31 streams, the campaign for FINAL FANTASY XIV generated the following:


§ 2.1 million+ viewer minutes

§ 155 hours+ of content

§ 200,000+ unique viewers

§ 350,000+ total views

§ Over 70 hours of additional organic from partners

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