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Clifford: The Big Red Dog

Client – Paramount Pictures


Our brief for the release of CLIFFORD: THE BIG RED DOG was to engage family, tween and pet influencers from the theatrical release of the film through to the home media release. Our campaign set out to promote social media awareness of the film across several key marketing beats.


Our objective was to reignite the childhood memories of Clifford in parents that grew up with the books, whilst also introducing the character in a fun and engaging way to younger audiences. The campaign began with a themed gifting mailout to key family influencers whereby they received a giant red bone cake to celebrate the release of the film. From there, we worked with key partners to create fun and engaging content around the themes of the film as well as recruiting Sydney based partners to attend and post from the national premiere. For the home entertainment release, we carried over successful partners from the theatrical activity to take part whilst also looking for new creators to be part of both a gifting activation and content creation element of the campaign.

Clifford 2.jpeg
Clifford 2.jpeg



300,000 social media interactions total (Views, Likes, Comments)


Total reach of over 500,000

The cinema campaign generated 270,000 social media interactions from 26 influencers across 4 pillars of activity. The home entertainment campaign generated 30,000 social media interactions, focusing on intentionally smaller and more targeted influencers with a high engagement rate.

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