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Client – Warner Bros Pictures


Our digital campaign for the movie release of Baz Luhrmann’s ELVIS saw us engage a mix of celebrity, and younger top-tier influencer talent across the lifestyle, fashion, and music genres to generate mass awareness across TikTok and Instagram.


With the cast and crew of ELVIS attending the Gold Coast and Sydney premieres, our primary focus was to profile and recruit celebrities and tier 1 influencers across the fashion, lifestyle and music genres to attend and share their experience from these key events across social media. In order to engage a younger audience, we ensured a lot of this activity was posted to TikTok. Supporting the premiere screening campaign, was also a creative content drive where key influencers including musician Cody Simpson and artist Labyrinth of Collages, created content that paid tribute to the legacy of Elvis and tied back to the film in a way that was relevant to the creator.

Elvis 1.jpeg
Elvis 1.jpeg



Over 7.5 million social media interactions (Views, Likes, Comments


Total reach of over 10 million

Our digital campaign for ELVIS generated over 7.5 million social media interactions (Views, Likes, Comments) through Premiere events and creative content, resulting in one of the biggest influencer campaigns we have ever conducted.

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