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Buffaloed Case Study Background 1.jpg


Client – Signature Entertainment


To raise online awareness for the digital release of the Zoey Deutch comedy BUFFALOED, we targeted key publishers and influential blogs in the film, entertainment, lifestyle and pop-culture genres to raise awareness of the film’s release through news, reviews, social media posts and features. Coverage also extended into radio and podcast activity.


Our focus was to capitalise on the strong reviews BUFFALOED had received overseas as well as Zoey
Deutch’s powerhouse performance and her role as producer on the film. A local angle was also Jai
Courtney’s role in the film. Outlets were offered access to key publicity materials, social media assets and access to talent where possible.

Buffaloed Case Study Background 1.jpg
Buffaloed Case Study Background 1.jpg



Over 70 editorial pieces published in the Australia media


Combined total audience over 1.5 million

The digital campaign for BUFFALOED generated 70 pieces of editorial in the Australian media as well as extending into radio and podcast coverage. The ‘opportunity to see’ for the campaign was a combined audience of over 1.5 million.

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