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A Quiet Place part 2 photo

A Quiet Place Part II

Client - Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place photo
A Quiet Place part 2 photo


To amplify social media awareness for A Quiet Place Part II, we were tasked with engaging influential social personalities to take part in a 60 second ASMR video campaign - inspired by the sights and sounds of the film. To ensure widespread awareness, it was essential to engage a mixture of influencers from differing genres including lifestyle, pop-culture, cosplay, and horror.


After a comprehensive recruiting phase, chosen influencers were sent branded DIY kits to create a 60 second ASMR video on Instagram. Inside the kits were all the items necessary to recreate the unnerving feel of the film and amplify the central themes. All content was approved in advance and influencers were briefed to include the campaign tags and hashtags.




500k interactions (Likes, Comments, Shares)


Total reach of over 700k.

The digital campaign for A QUIET PLACE PART II generated over 500,000 social media interactions (likes, comments, shares) in a fun and creative way across Instagram and Instagram Stories. This included a total campaign reach of over 700,000.  

A Quiet Place part 2 photo
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